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Boys can play dress up to…

My brother is getting married in a few weeks, and so obviously, I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to put my bow tie obsession to good use.

I just love bow ties on little boys… I do, and I never really had a good reason to buy one for him. But then…

Alas, a wedding!! Yippee!!

Not having a girl, I feel a little deprived most of the time as far as fun clothing goes. I just feel like the girls sections always have a  better selection of items. It’s not that boys clothes can’t be awesome, because they totally can be… its just that I feel like most clothing companies get lazy when it comes to creating boy clothing. The girls get all the good stuff.

Anyway… I decided he needed a bow tie. I mean come on… I’ve been waiting for any excuse to stick a bow tie on this kid.

For me bow ties = cuteness overload.

So anyway… we played a little bit of ‘dress up’ the other day, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take some pictures of this little stud.

The bow tie thing definitely lived up to my expectations…. except he looks 15 years old. Sigh.

Cant wait to show him off at the wedding!

Winter rant…

I always get into a serious photography rut in the winter. I think most photographers do.

The grass is dead, the trees are bare, its cold outside…

It’s just not the most exciting time to get out there and take pictures.

After my last scheduled shoot this year, I put my camera up on the highest shelf in my kitchen and its been sitting there collecting dust ever since.

I didn’t take it down once for Christmas or any other holiday.

I didn’t use it at my kids first birthday party.

I just haven’t used it. Period.

My camera had been disowned.

Sure, I take lots of photos with my Phone.


I stick my Instagram photos up all over my walls with masking tape.

I love my phone photos. I do, I really do.


there is just something about camera photos.

A real camera. Doesn’t matter much what kind of camera… just a camera.

The depth of field, the bokeh, the light, the crispness. There is just nothing quite like it.

Even with the dead grass and the bare trees and shooting in the middle of the day {GASP}… real camera photos just get me every time.

Maybe it’s not even so much about the photo itself… but the feeling that I get when I am photographing.

I feel at home with my camera. Time slows down for me. It’s relaxing. It’s happiness.

Somewhere along the way{probably pinterest}… I have created this stigma in my mind, that for it to be worth pulling my REAL camera out, everything has to be perfect in order to get the ‘perfect’ image.

My kid has to be fully dressed, it has to be sunset, it has to be spring, blah blah blah… its silly.

It’s excuses and its laziness and it is self doubt.

When I first got back into photography it was to photograph my kids.

It was to photograph all of the casual, silly moments that no one else really thinks twice about.

Somewhere along the way I lost sight of that. And so the rut began.

While cleaning my kitchen a few days ago, I came across my camera up on that shelf and decided to pull it down and dust it off.

And while the images in this post are nothing extraordinary… they are exactly what I originally saw to create when I first began, and so for that they are perfection.

And for that I am happy…

End rant.

6 months… {Tulsa baby photography}

You are 6 months old.
Everyone always comments on your wide open eyes. You always look wide awake and ready to take on the world.
You are always smiling…at me, at strangers, at everyone. This is one of my favorite things about you.
You love to snuggle.
You have two itty bitty bottom teeth.
You are obsessed with food… yours or anyone else’s.
You adore your big brother. You stare at him with amazement in all that he does.
You always touch my face with your sweet baby hands,whenever I am holding you.
You dream of being big… I can see it in your face when you watch the big kids run and play.
You are a mamas boy through and through.
You  light up my world, my darling boy.
I love you. 



Fourth of July

We had such a wonderful and relaxing fourth of July this year. It was VERY hot, but we made the best of it.My son and his cousins had such a great time with the fireworks. We had all different kinds. Some that made loud noise, some that went really high, spinning ones, tall ones, short ones. But I swear his favorite seemed to be the classic ‘poppers’. We went through boxes and boxes of these things. He just thought they were hilarious.

You have just got to love the spirit of a child, especially that of a little boy.



You are the sweetest child. You love everyone and anyone and are never afraid to show your emotions. You are very sensitive and get your feelings hurt easily.

You give the best hugs. You jump up and wrap your legs around me and lay your head on my shoulder while squeezing me as tight as can be.

When I am doing something around the house and you walk around looking for me, when you finally see me you say  ’Mama I been looking everywhere for you’.

You are always hiding from an imaginative animal in the house. Bears, Dinosaur’s, monkeys, etc.

Every morning when I make my bed you climb in under the covers and mess it up when I am not looking. Sigh, this one thing I could possibly live without…

You love to help me with the laundry.

You are a walking tornado. Full of energy and life and never seem to sit still for a moment.

Every night at 2am you wake up and run into our room and climb under the covers and say ‘ I just sleep here with you now’.We dont make you go back to your bed… we don’t have the heart. Sigh. Shame on us I know.

You are beyond the moon with excitement over the upcoming arrival of your baby brother. You tell me ‘ I going to feed him, dress him, push him in the stroller, and give him his dissy (pacifier).” I cant hardly wait for the day you lay your eyes upon him for the first time. It will melt my heart to pure liquid.

You ALWAYS have to hug and kiss your daddy  every day before he leaves for work. You chase him out the door if he forgets.

Your favorite meal of the day is breakfast. You wake up in the happiest mood ever known to man, every single morning, and say as soon as I open my eyes ” We eat breakfast now?!”

You amaze me each and every day at how amazing you are.

You make my life a better place to be every single day. I cant remember what life was like before you were here. It must have been so boring!

I love you so much my sweet, sweet boy. Thank you for blessing me with all the love and affection you have in your heart.

Love you, Love you.

PS- Please stay three forever.