Monthly Archives: August 2011

My baby is two!


My sweet, sweet baby boy is two!

He loves wearing a cape. Any cape, and running around saying ” SUP-ER-MAN “

When I walk in his room first thing in the morning and he is still resting, he says ” mama you scared me “

When I lay him down to sleep at night he asks me to put a blanket on him and says ” cover up me “.

He says goodnight to every object he can see on his way to bed. ” Goodnight kitchen, Goodnight shoes, Goodnight TV.”

I adore this about him and I hope he does it until he’s in high school.

He says new things that amaze me everyday.

He rings the doorbell every time we get home and looks at me and smiles.

He likes to have tea parties, but he calls the teacup “hot coffee”.

He yells ” CARWASH” every time we pass a gas station.

He is the love of my life and I adore him more than I ever knew possible!